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into it gently6 c13 into a not start to turn brown and bobble and that is when we will add our cream >>host: i have never seen melts your sugar ray in the pan, because that would stick like crazy! >>guest: you can see it is always i am using cream you can use a coconut cream or heavy cream like this. you pour that and, and you have a caramel sauce and literally a minute or two and i guarantee it will not stick >>host: you can see as he is swirling it around and there there is nothing sticking whatsoever >>guest: bottom of the pan this is the best part of the cleanup. sticky cloth and wipe set off >>host: and then you go again, you keep on the go wing we have a limited quantity on these this is the good stuff. for those of you that shot the kitchens stores and in the catalogs and read the magazines you see hard anodized. why? i will let you explain why this is different, that are differents itunes hard anodized because i am in patient i what i hate -- i am impatient i bought my pan to heat up fast. >>guest: this is lightweight it is super hasn't hardr you do not have to polish scrub it, i
saltimbocca i am going add capers, up3 parsley lemon said you get the delicious as city with the brown water. this is i love 1 pant cooking you start off with a great seer, end up doing your sauce in japan. pan if you were doing this would be watching for a long time,% but what does go where just take it over to the sink and wipe it out and you are done and clean, so easy >>guest: the cleanup is a simple >>host: everything that love about nonstick hard anodized all built- in to us at hsn we have shipping that is a great $17 value you are not spending you are sitting on the value is a hundred $27 more that is a lot of you did not have to spend but you still get the quality that you expect i want you to expect the best quality when youe curtis stone cooking you will know he signed everything from the bakeware set we started with to the oil can we just to this cookware set. >>guest: speaking out oilcan, this is what i love you just pour a little bit with a slow pour that does not direct because it nonstick cookware you are6 c13 healthy hair, that is the way to do it. now let us go around the
the program on more firm brown with a long-term extension. i would like, and this is basically dr. sands and or -- dr. sampson or mr. jensen or any of you -- could you discuss some areas where reform on this bill is important to the constituencies you represent? what else does it provide? >> thank you, senator. in addition to the reform, as you mentioned, there are issues with increasing maximum coverage limits. currently, the coverage limit on a home for flood loss is $250,000. that is increasingly becoming a problem and an issue as we see higher values in homes again. as well, we are looking at business interruption. it is important to note that there is a study called for in the bill that talks about business interruption coverage within the commercial sector. we think that is very valuable as well. >> in addition, you and heard testimony from folks that were place in areas that were not in the flood plain. some of the things that might happen would be the ability for folks not in those areas to be charged in those areas and have an opportunity to be reimbursed on an expense-basis to
, brown, black and white (...) >>host: smart! why did you by 3m wide are you buying all six? >>caller: i the elastic waist and i have a ton of heard jeans. probably 50 jeans and i am (...) when tops, i get the matching also. i just take off my credit card from last time with the cute little polka dots they are feckless and so adorable! i love your elastic top. i have comfort all day and i can wear high heels and a blazer. >>guest: i wear them tailored to work to me too! >>caller: me too! i did the that had the side banding in every color and other than the denim i can wear them all to work. they are so comfortable and i can breathe. my weight is in my waist. i have no hips. >>guest: i will tell you something that i think issting, when you get this home, the sun kissed finish is so enormously soft but also conforming. i always feel like i met a hard boiled egg that has been sliced in half. the bottom is totally flat and the front is totally rounded out. [laughter] >>guest: these are so forgiving. i do not get to eat regular meals, we do shows liker i am always on an airplane and movin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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